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Sales Reps,

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Executives, or Remote 3rd party companies

Back Office Employees

Lenders, Servicers,
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Agency personnel


These agent level users can only see their own client files via their pipeline. Depending on their settings, limited access may exist to control file access and document access. These users can only see the pipeline of the sales reps/agents underneath them, and have limited administrative rights. User Roles include, Manager, QC, Processor, Negotiator, Attorney, Mediator, listing/buying realtor, title rep, or appraiser, etc... Each user can have different settings to control file views, editing rights, and admin priveleges. These user types include reps assigned by a lender or servicer, MI company, investor, or HUD agency. When they login, their settings will let them view only files associated to them. Client/Borrower login here to manage your files